Monday, October 24, 2011


Manila Fixed Gear collaborates with Lee in this short film exploring the freedom and exhilarating adventures of the Filipino fixie biker. Lee has integrated in this film the exploratory spirit of its ëUrban Ridersí collection that comes as a perfect blend of functionality and fashionability.

This film aims to encourage everyone to liberate your passion about your own cities by exploring, experiencing, and enjoying the metropolitan in your own ways. It's time to claim the city. The city belongs to you.

Manila Fixed Gear and LEE Jeans Philippines( would like to thank the following for making this film possible:

LEE Urban Riders: The City Is Mine
featuring Manila Fixed Gear Riders :
Dale Lopez
Eye Cenizal
Vermont Coronel
Jayzon Palma

A WYD Production
Executive Produced by Lee X MFG
Directed and Produced by Julo de Guzman
Shot by Marco Limjap and Julo de Guzman
Colored and Edited by Marco Limjap
Production Manager: Jim Bermido
Soundtrack: Logo- Junocide

Monday, October 17, 2011

MFG Meets Bali Fixed Gear Riders

Clipless fixed gear bikes in Ubud, Bali. I have the hand it to these lads, the roads in Ubud are a bit hilly, like little Baguio, San Juan. The purple trick fixed is owned by a ten year old footballer. I gave him and his team mates Bicycle Rights stickers and quickly left to avoid looking like some dirty pedalphile. hehehehe.