Sunday, May 26, 2013

Save The Track Bike

This coming Tuesday and Wednesday, May 28 and 29, 2013, we will have the opportunity to support our fellow cyclists who are qualifying for the National Games 2013 Track Cycling Events by showing up at the Amoranto Velodrome, and cheering them on as they try to achieve their goals. In turn, we hope to achieve a more far reaching goal: To revive track cycling culture locally and make it accessible to everyone. Let us all help save the track bike!

For the schedules and event listings, please click HERE and HERE or head out to Pinoy Fixie's blog.

Big thanks to Arden Arindaeng for keeping us posted, inspite of him being based in L.A., California. Respect!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Super Pista

I asked Francis, our fellow rider from San Francisco, for a little background/review on his 2013 Bianchi Super Pista and he gave an essay! Which is actually great. Less work for me, hehe.

Anyway, do check what he has to say about this beautiful machine here, plus the specs and more images after the jump.

Meccanico Giro

This Keirin beauty belongs to Victor, one of the earliest members of Manila Fixed Gear. The photos here are really nice but they don't do justice on how awesome this beast looks like in person.

"The Manila Fixed Gear mentality back then was to buy available parts even if you don't need them because someone you know might," he recalls, "This was so, because at the time, fixed gear parts were really hard to come by here in Manila." I remember this clearly as I was able to acquire from him the Aerospokes from this build that he replaced with the current HED3.

Check out the specs, more images and some trivia after the jump.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

We Heart Nitto

Sim Works, a bicycle retail shop in Japan, is kind enough to give us a little peek into the factory of one of our most beloved bike parts manufacturer. This video takes us inside the Nitto factory and shows how our favorite components are made. Nitto's president himself, Akira Yoshikawa, narrates and enlighten us about the Japanese manufacturing industry and why Nitto has never jumped into the carbon fiber bandwagon. A must watch if you love bicycles.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bugarin Weekend

"Buwis buhay sa bangin" pose. Left to right: Kiko (48x14t), Wham (48x15t), Erik (47x15t), Aaron (49x15t). "Saudi pose" left to right: Frederick (47x15t), Renzo (53x16t), Kalki (48x14t). All images by Wham.

Was awesome riding with these guys up those killer hills (for fixed gears at least) under the scorching sun and the wildly pretty scenery. Was kinda hard and sticky but it was hella fun. And the ice cold buko towards the end just killed it for me!

Mr. Pink's last ride with Ultraman Kalki.

Suave hill bombing reward.

Ice cold fresh buko, the ultimate reward.

Head over the WeFXD blog to check more images.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Colossi X WeFXD X Crest Pursuit Low Pro

So stoked to announce the collaboration between our boys/girls from WeFXD, Colossi and Crest Pursuit Singapore. A beautiful 2013 Colossi Low Pro frameset in a custom WeFXD-blue and black colourway. Beautiful finish, beautiful angles. A first for the local fixed gear scene.

Check out the initial photos HERE and head over HERE for the geometry chart.

Shredding the streets of Manila June 2013!

Have a Nice Weekend

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rekta Lagalag na Hindi pa Tapos

This is one of my earlier experiments with Ave. We extended the seat stays up until just beneath the saddle for a stiffer upward pedal stroke. Covered a decent amount of kilometers with this frame prior to it going into "rehab" as I had the head tube changed from oversized to standard sized diameter as well as the down tube from ø38 to it's current 31.8mm diameter. The paint job also went thru a make-over from it's previous powder coated matte black to the present DIY colourway. All for a cleaner look.

As the title suggests, this build is still a work in progress. Pretty as it is, the current fork on this bike is just a temporary replacement. Ave is still working on the real fork, which hopefully, he can finish soon.

Check more images and the component list after the jump.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

SunTour Sunday

Marty's Mellow Yellow Track

Don't let the title deceive you. This custom Maldea frame might be mellow in color but it's geometry is far from it. With 76º angles for both head tube and seat tube, this bike gives you little option to ride in slow mode. Still a work in progress, Marty's plan is to make this build "all Japanes". But for now, I can clearly imagine him zipping thru traffic and bombing flats and hills on this bike, Japanese or not. "It's all speed and maneuverability" according to him. No doubt about it.

Check out more picks and the specs after the jump.