Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Czar Jay's Astronaut

Look at the proportions of this bike. Look at the angles. This is custom at it's most practical application. It's made of high tensile tubing but it's got a proper geometry. Maldea custom at it's most basic but it still stands out in the crowd. Ain't that sweet as fuck?

It's Labor Day. Work Hard, Ride Hard!


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pangk's Levant

This is one of the best NJS builds i have seen here in Manila -not that there are many of them running around here- and on the internet. Lawrence has once again shown his unforgiving attention to detail and impeccable taste in bicycles. I used to dream of owning a second hand NJS frame before i got obsessed with bespoke/custom frames. Now, this build is making me consider that dream again, but in full custom construction and not anytime soon. Beautiful build, beautiful photography.

Check the nasty component list and more images of this bike after the jump.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Maraming Salamat!

Big thanks and props to Team Manila for making this T-shirt collaborations possible. Thank you WeFXD for the effort. Thank you to all the sponsors as well. And to all who joined the "race" and risked their lives for a T-shirt and some fun, we salute you. Respect and more power.

Event photos will follow. For the mean time, check out the T-shirts after the jump.

Mikey Ramirez For 14Bike Co.

Got an email from Michael Ramirez of 14Bike Co. last night saying what's up to all and giving us a heads up on what's happening in their part of the globe. They've just been to this year's Bespoked Bristol and decided to showcase Mikey's Fluro Yellow 14R Lo-Pro as well as the Jet Black Track version of the 14R. For those who aren't aware, Mikey is of our blood. A true blue Pinoy brother.

Check out more pics after the jump.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Heat Wave

Pusakalye 6!

Pusakalye #6 Alley Cat Race and 1st Year Anniversary
May 1,2013, 4:00pm Kalye Art Gallery

Double T-Shirt Collaboration Launch

I believe there's a bunch of us who has been waiting for this.

Lagarista Re-edit

Due to a reader's request, I'm inserting a very short story of how this frame came to be.

"Lagarista" is a term used to describe movie house couriers whose only job is to pick up and deliver rolls of films all over the metro's countless cinema houses in strict adherence to each cinema's showing schedule. They have to deliver rain or shine thru traffic and sludge just so the show can go on.

Now, I've no aspirations of being a "lagarista" even if i think it's a cool job, but I was inspired by the practicality of their process. Weaving thru bad traffic and leaving everybody behind sounds like very good idea to me. Hence the REKTA Lagarista. With an aggressive geometry and twitchy enough handling, it gets you to your destination thru what little space our congested streets will allow. And it gets you there fast. This is the inspiration behind the Lagarista.

This particular build have some rare and nasty NJS components on it but you can tell from the images that this bike was built to be ridden and lovingly abused. It is one of my favorite framesets. One of my best collaborations with Ave.

More pics and the specs after the jump.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


It seems like we're not running out of pursuit builds lately. Here's Renzo's take on the classic aggressive frame. I like the way he appropriated the 3Rensho logo to say "ave" in place of the three number 1s on the original. As a whole, this is quite a decent build considering there's not so much NJS or other "bling" parts here. Once again, we can see Ave's prowess shining through in a simple and basic frame. No bullshit and clean as fuck! The white/yellow/blue colorway is also a bonus.

Check out more images after the jump.

The Suspect Device

Kenneth has been riding this build through various towns and cities around Laguna (San Pablo, Calauan, Bay, Los Banos, Calamba, Santa Cruz/Pagsanjan boundary…), as well as through different parts of the Metro Manila. He also joined the Tagaytay Hill Bombing 2 Ride on this bike. So far, so good he says. I say I love it! A solid custom Maldea frameset and a conflagration of yummy Japanese parts.

He shot this photoset during his last visit to Sampaloc Lake in San Pablo Laguna. Please check more images and the specs after the jump.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Manila Animal

Image by Wham.

Mean Green Riding Machine

Villy the "Hulk". Rides around with his mask to scare the city smog away as well as the street cretins, i suppose. very nicely coordinated army green theme here. The olive green Brooks Colt saddle has a nice faded patina on it. Can't wait 'til the leather bar tape fades too. Nice job Villy.

More images and specs after the jump.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Marc's Work In Progress

I saw this bike recently and i liked the simplicity of it. Although still an "unfinished business", as Marc had warned me, this bike is definitely ridable because he rode it to the last Tagaytay Hill Bomb ride. I cannot help but appreciate the fact that sometimes we don't need expensive components to come up with a decent build.

More images after the jump.

Fixum Esque Aura

Marvi from Singapore got another custom Maldea pursuit frame. As usual it was a product of long distance collaboration. I like it that he used simple components on this build. Gives it that simple but elegant touch.

Check out more photos and the specs after the jump.