Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mon's 2012 Bianchi Super Pista

Finally able to convince Mon of Team Manila to have his bike featured here at the blog. Been wanting to do this for a while since MFG and Team Manila have had several collaborations already. So here it is.

Check out more images, the specs and what Mon has to say about this Celeste beauty after the jump.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


UltraWomen and UltraMen, see you all tonight!


Night Ride With You: Bike Portraits by Keith Dador

Keith has been playing around with his glimmery night shots lately and we are the first batch of subjects. I think the images capture the starry promise of adventure that goes with a night ride of unknown routes and possibilities.

Check out more portraits after the jump.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

ULTRAMAN 2: Fixed Gear Uphill Race Video

ULTRAMAN 2 Uphill Race - Manila Fixed Gear from Henrick Nepomuceno on Vimeo.

ULTRAMAN 2: Fixed Gear Uphill Race
Ultra, Pasig City, Philippines
Round 1 Winner - Sok
Round 2 Winner - Wham
Round 3 Winner - Neils
Round 4 Winner - Lance
Round 5 Winner - Jeyzee
Overall and ULTRMAN 2 Winner - SOK
See you all tomorrow at ULTRAMAN 3! Harden the fuck up!

Video by Master Luke (Henrick). Photo by Mickie.

Wham's WeFXD X Colossi X Crest Pursuit Low Pro

Wham is the man responsible for the overall graphics and head badge design of this WeFXD X Colossi frameset collaboration. Obviously, that's a big factor for him to get his hands on one of this Low Pros. Plus the fact that he has been thinking of owning an aluminum frame for quiet a while now.

We all know that Wham is one of the fastest cats around. Always on the top three, if not winning almost every alleycat and other races in the past. I can only see him getting faster with this aluminum beast of a bike. "I'm very happy with this build. Fast, light and ready for the next hill climbing race and hill bombing long ride, hehe." Straight talk from the fast cat himself.

Check out the specs and more images after the jump.

Erikson's WeFXD X Colossi X Crest Pursuit Low Pro

These photos are taken by Erik on one of our many breaks from climbing the Sierra Madre loop. I'm pretty sure that this lightweight aluminum frame helped him push himself to his limits and conquer the mountains that day.

Check out more images and what he's got to say about this WeFXD X Colossi X Crest Pursuit frame collaboration after the jump.