Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Sunday In Heaven/Hell

The long ride to Clark. 200 kilometers of endless roads, towns, several crashes and quite a few busted tires. We rode to our heart's content, met other fixers, beat the heat and ate awesome sisig. One epic ride that's worth repeating. Respect to all who joined!

Images by Mickie. More after the jump.

The Road Ahead

Homebound. 120 of 200 kilometers. Image by Wham.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Muralla Street Fixed

"Muralla" is the name of a street within the historic "walled city" of Intramuros in Manila. Although this video was shot in several cities within the Metro, it is in Muralla street that the featured riders see each other a lot.

Props to Master Luke, Keith Dumaguina, Tim Tupa, JR Doroteo, Kirk Sanchez and all the other heads involved in the making of this beautifully done short. More to come please!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I have known Eshete, the "cat man" of Columbia St. for over three years, walking by almost daily, 
and look forward to our chats. Despite having some serious issues, he has always been super sweet 
and nice to me. He is obsessed with his cats, riding his bike from upper manhattan every day to spend 
afternoons with them. 

I don't know his full history, I am polite enough not to pry. I do know that he's had a rough life. 
He was the only member of his family to survive the Ethiopian civil war and spent many years after as a refugee in Northern Sudan. 

A geography nut, every one of his cats is named after a place: Congo, Damascus, Venice, Rico (Puerto that is), etc.

He was commuting from the shelter in Manhattan to his spot on Columbia St. in Cobble hill, where his cats are.

Photo and Story Chris Arnade

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Random Shit

Fixum Machina Updated

We all know by now of the story of how Marvi, who is based in Singapore, collaborated with Ave thru the internet to come up with this pursuit frameset. This same build has gone thru some changes since we first featured it here in the blog.

Check out the updated parts after the break.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Something From The UK

Michael Ramirez of 14 Bike Co. dropped these Royce goodies in my email last night. A 14 Bike Co exclusive black Royce crankset and the new 14R track ends. Check out the craftsmanship on these babies. Pretty neat!

14 Bike Co X Royce crankset in black. Click HERE for more details.

New 14R track ends. Click HERE for details.