Thursday, March 28, 2013

Denver's Dodici Gara

This is probably the only Dodici frame here in the Manila, or the whole country, even. It's nice how Denver paired it with the blue cranks and blue bar tape. Very cool colors for the very hot summer days we're having right now. A fearless rider and a very nice guy, too bad Denver will be be leaving soon for a two year military service stint back in South Korea. We will sorely miss you, brother. And your bike too. ;)

Enjoy more photos and check the specs after the jump.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gio's Custom Maldea Q Pursuit

Look at those lines. The glimmering finish. That color! Man, this isn't just a bike. This is Gio's pursuit of happiness. Literally. What else can i say? It's just beautiful.

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New Old School

Image by Icha Lazaro

Lance Manuel's Custom Maldea Equanimity

The man in a black bike. I have lost my taste for black builds for quite some time now. But this one rekindles some of the dark shadows lurking inside my head. Oh wait... right,  it's supposed to be a bike check. What i'm saying is, Lance was able to utilize black in a very aesthetically pleasing manner in this custom Maldea pursuit set up. And that badge is just rocking!

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Sunday, March 24, 2013


Spectator/s emotion/s are frozen in this photo finish image.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Happy Weekend

Tagaytay Hillbomb 2

It's holy week next week and it's pretty basic that everybody's legs are itching for a long hard ride. Well, i guess this one's more on the "harder" side since it's Lent anyway. Will be lots of fun for sure tho!

For specifics, please get in touch with Don Mario (+63906-455-5449) or RJ Jaro (+63932-854-1242). For Manila riders, please get in touch with Marty Semaña (+63927-269-9172) or Keith Dador (+63916-444-4418).

Ride safe, ride harder!

Long Rides And Long Shadows

Mixed Tracks

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ride Rest Repeat

This Daily Grind vs Tryon Riders t-shirt collaboration is finally available at Tryon. We are very pleased indeed.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Taste Of Effort

I Wanna Bicycle

Ride Or Die Weekend

Seems like everybody was riding long and hard last weekend. The boys of Controlled Chaos Fixed rode from Batangas City to Nasugbu Beach Park. These sombre but beautiful photos of their trip makes me wish I was there.

Click HERE for the complete set.


Ever stumble at a bunch of photos in a journal that made you want to go out and just ride beyond your normal city routes? Well, here is a journal that made feel exactly like that.

Check it out.

Ternate Hill Bomb Death Ride

"Approximately 105 kilometers of flat tires, broken spokes, wrecked shorts, broken toe clips and busted tires. Battlin' through rain, sun, dust and steep hills."

It was supposed to be a "despedida ride" for Down South Fixed's Jayrome Verastigue, but turned out to be one hell of an epic ride. Jayrome asked me to join this one, but i couldn't bacause of work. Now I'm jealous. "Everyone is in pain. So much pain. It was worth it" Keith sounds like he's writing a song, but I'm sure he's looking forward to the next Ternate hill bomb death ride.

Very Nice, Very Nice

The Rapha Spring/Summer 2013 Lookbook is looking very nice.

Check it HERE.