Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Good Vibes Good Rides Tonight!

It's Wednesday guys! Ride with your friends and your crew, and we'll see you tonight at Tryon Riders! 8pm meet-up, 9pm ride-out.

Beautiful weather out there. perfect for our default route. Makati, MOA, airport road, Resort's World, McKinley then BGC.

Helmets are highly encouraged, but not required.

Good vibes, good rides!


Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Laguna Loop: Biyaheng Timog

(Biyaheng Timog) One Gear, Laguna Loop Ride; A ride to the South and back. Rekta Silangan together with WeFXD and Siyete Lagos.

The Laguna Loop is a 180 to 200+ km bike ride from the East, West or North of Manila, Philippines to the provinces of Rizal and Laguna and back. This fixed gear bike ride has a total ascent of 849.62m. and has a maximum elevation of 339.75m.


Ultraman 8 Final Battle

The final push. Geph retains the title.
Video by Rollie Valenzuela.

The first batch of UltraMen for 2014. Congratulations!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rock 'N' Raw

Finally finished (sort of) the Asong Asero project. Ave took his time in building this frame set but it's worth every minute of the wait.

As most of you know already, the geometry of this bike was inspired by the ASKAL. For the unfamiliar, askal is slang for asong kalye which means street dog or stray dog. And indeed it is snappy, agile and always ready to pounce. Just like a real askal.

Even on temporary set-up and raw finish, it never fails to slap a smile on my face whenever i ride this iron dog. I suspect the cantilevered one-off-made-to-measure track ends and the off-set seattube/BB/downtube junction -which results to a slammed rear wheel, are the reason for the very responsive "feel" of the ride. Plus the 77º HTA with the 20mm fork rake.

More after the break.

UltraMan 2014

Let's make Ultraman more exciting this 2014!

Starting  tomorrow, the Ultraman race will now be a series that will run until the end of year.
Gather your crew and compete for both individual and team points.

- Teams of 5 (at most) will be allowed to join every race
- Team Roster will not be closed. You can add/change your race lineup every month, as long as new members have not previously competed with another team.
- Points will be awarded in this order:

Monthly Ultraman Winner: 5 Points
Monthly Ultraman Finalist: 3 Points
Monthly Ultraman Competitor: 1 Point

- Individual with the most points will be 2014 Ultraman Champion
- Team with the most points will be awarded the 2014 Ultraman Team Champions

- The series format will only apply to the MFG Category. Open Category will still follow the Winner-Takes-All format.
- Helmets are required.
- Registration fee is Php 70.
- We will have a year-end race, which will be held on December 2014.

New rules and guidelines will be applied in Ultraman 8 this Wednesday, February 12.

Ride safe, ride harder! See you all tomorrow!


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ride In Peace Padi

A sad day for his family, friends and the fixed gear community. Bam Morillo is one of the nicest person anybody can meet. An unfortunate bus accident going up the Mountain Province took him away from us. You will be missed, brother.