Friday, December 18, 2009

Mia's Bike

Here it is! Our first custom Pedal Project for Mia. Concept for this was to get that vintage look. I think we achieved it and she was really happy about it. Thanks for letting us build it for you. Enjoy.


  1. Yes, she was super stoked about it :) Mia here, I've taken it around Legaspi and Salcedo village, San Lorenzo, Dasma, and Alabang. I've been having so much fun on it. It's light and is easy to take up gradual hills. It's smooth and fast on flats. I love it!

  2. by the way it's name is Wilber, Wilber Sprocket.

  3. Nice! Could you breakdown the specs of the bike? And roughly how much did the whole set-up cost? TIA!