Thursday, August 16, 2012


Even if Peugeot was never on our list of favorite cars, their design studies are always worth taking a closer look at. Today we present their latest bicycle concept – the DL121. The DL121 is a research exercise in graphics, materials and colors. Produced as a limited edition, it makes no compromises in its aesthetic ambitions. The bike sits at the frontier between art and function.
The DL121 is an exploration in contrast:

- The contrast between function and aesthetics, with its primary objective the bringing together of the finest finishes and materials.
- The contrast of finishes. The design plays on the theme of a dynamic diagonal separation between the two halves of bicycle. At the front there is a deep and rich copper, while the rear is finished in pure brilliant white.

In addition, the DL121 Concept bike features innovative leatherwork. As well as the saddle there is also a luggage area ingeniously integrated into the frame. Double zips give easy access to a space ideal for precious objects such as an iPad.
We love the white/bronze colors of the bike, giving it a real futuristic look. Flip through the gallery above for a detailed look. - HighSnob

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