Thursday, November 22, 2012

Best Bike.

"The best bike is the one you always ride."
Says who? well I don't know but, yes it is true.
That is my first "fixie" bike, on the image above.
Yes, it is a conversion. I got it for a mere Php3,000.
It was a road bike then. I removed the gears, brakes, cables etc etc etc.
What was left was a basic bike. I do not know how to get "fixie" parts.
It was 2010 and Manila Fixed Gear was just starting.
I ran suicide hubs, which I do not know why they call it suicide hubs,
till I red it at some online forums. The collective was under construction,
and the spot to hang out was Commune in Perea street.
At first I never have foot straps or toe clips.
"are you sure about this?"
It was fun cycling around the Makati area at night to Global city or to everwhere,
with no intentions of going to a certain place/point, but just
pedaling, traveling, coasting (yes coasting), enjoying.
You see, it's not about "you should have this parts together with this parts"
There are no rule/s, NJS doesn't care about my/your build. Its my build,
I'll build it the way I want.
Eddy never told us to use only this, for that components/gruppo.
Your bike doesn't cry when you mix Japanese with Italian or
with some fine hand crafted
steel bike that is/was made with passion rather than the supply/demand.
I used that conversion during my stint as a bike courier via PEDALA.
Never gave me a headache or a flat tire or a loose BB while making my way thru the
major highways to deliver these TVC to major TV stations.
It never let me down.
The only rule here my bike friends, is to just pedal happy.
I'm happy, you're happy, we're all happy, our bikes are happy!
I'd rather be corny than a hypocrite.

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