Monday, January 14, 2013

WeFXD X MFG Drag Sprints

JANUARY 20, 2013, 9AM TO 6PM.
Macapagal Road, Parañaque (between Uniwide and Pacific avenue)

-All-FIXED GEAR bikes only.
-Single elimination.
-3 riders will race at a time.
-One rider per lane, no crossing opponent lanes. If a rider or any part of his body crosses their designated lane, rider will automatically be disqualified.
-Total distance to cover is a quarter mile (400m).
-No helmet, No ride.
-All runs will be timed. Riders to clock the best time will win special prizes.

-Provide your Name and Race No. on the POST provided for pre-registration.
-Non-related comments will be deleted.
-For questions, please create a separate post so everyone can see the question immediately to avoid redundant questions.
click HERE to pre register.

-Registration. For pre-registered riders, bring ID to confirm slot. Registration fee is Php150. First 20 registrants will have be given merch from our sponsors.
-Sign waiver. If below 18, have someone old enough to sign for you.
-Bike inspection.

Click HERE for more information!

Race chart

Location map

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