Friday, April 19, 2013

Mikey Ramirez For 14Bike Co.

Got an email from Michael Ramirez of 14Bike Co. last night saying what's up to all and giving us a heads up on what's happening in their part of the globe. They've just been to this year's Bespoked Bristol and decided to showcase Mikey's Fluro Yellow 14R Lo-Pro as well as the Jet Black Track version of the 14R. For those who aren't aware, Mikey is of our blood. A true blue Pinoy brother.

Check out more pics after the jump.

Mikey with his 14R Lo-Pro in Fluro Yellow.

The Track version of the 14R in Jet Black.

Mikey's custom saddle by SuperBeau

The refreshed Royce track ends, with production date and serial number stamped on each pair.

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  1. sir Kiks, this one is Sick!
    Thanks for sharing...