Friday, April 12, 2013

Lagarista Re-edit

Due to a reader's request, I'm inserting a very short story of how this frame came to be.

"Lagarista" is a term used to describe movie house couriers whose only job is to pick up and deliver rolls of films all over the metro's countless cinema houses in strict adherence to each cinema's showing schedule. They have to deliver rain or shine thru traffic and sludge just so the show can go on.

Now, I've no aspirations of being a "lagarista" even if i think it's a cool job, but I was inspired by the practicality of their process. Weaving thru bad traffic and leaving everybody behind sounds like very good idea to me. Hence the REKTA Lagarista. With an aggressive geometry and twitchy enough handling, it gets you to your destination thru what little space our congested streets will allow. And it gets you there fast. This is the inspiration behind the Lagarista.

This particular build have some rare and nasty NJS components on it but you can tell from the images that this bike was built to be ridden and lovingly abused. It is one of my favorite framesets. One of my best collaborations with Ave.

More pics and the specs after the jump.

REKTA Lagarista custom made by Ave Maldea
Columbus Cromor with Dedacciai round fork blades, investment cast lugset and fork crown. Custom track ends with stainless steel facings. 
TT 540, ST 525 (ctc), BB drop 46mm, CS 385, STA 75º, HTA 76º
Fork / Headset:
REKTA Lagarista 20mm rake / Hatta Swan de luxe
Crankset / Bottom Bracket:
Suntour Superbe PRO 167.5mm / Sugino 75
Shimano SPD M520
Drivetrain  Cog / Chainring / Chain:
51t X 15t / Suntour 15t / Suntour Superbe 51t / KMC
Handlebars / Stem:
Nitto B123 CroMo 34cm / Nitto Jaguar 90mm
Saddle / Seatpost:
Kashimax Aero / Nitto Jaguar 27.2
Front Wheel / Hub / Tire:
Araya RC-540 36h / Suntour Superbe PRO 36h / Kenda Kaliente 700c X 23c
Rear Wheel / Hub / Tire:
Araya RC-540 36h / Suntour Superbe PRO 36h / Kenda C2C 700c X 23c
Cheap ass Vintage 90s bartape in acid green

Handcrafted in Manila by Ave Maldea. My bike, my geometry,


  1. Can you tell us the story on this bike? How did you build it? How long?. It would also be nice, to tell us where you and the other hardcore fixies get their parts. Better yet, make an "idiot's guide in building your first fixie". That would be awesome. Thanks

  2. hi Som, that's actually a good idea. will start work on that as soon as schedules will allow. thank you.