Monday, June 24, 2013

Don's NJS Shimazaki

Here's a rare NJS beauty from our "fixer" bro in New York. Some of you might have met or seen Don at the last Tour of the Firefly ride riding a neon orange Bridgestone track bike. That bike was a loaner and this here, is his real steed. 

Check out a little story he wrote about his bike and the specs after the jump.

"My legs are about to fail me but I'm racing against time, pedaling as fast as I can till I reach my desired destination. There's a boy racer inside all of us.

When my friends and I do our practice runs in central park loop or plan a long ride from Brewster, NY back to NYC, we often set goals and help coach each other to improve our riding techniques. Most times we succeed. Other times, we end up on a standstill. We can't help but stop and admire the beautiful distractions... especially the ladies! 

My racing machine of choice is a track bike certified by NJS. I was extremely lucky with my purchase. My frame is very uncommon and a friend offered an excellent deal which I could not pass up on. Even though I've had it for years now, I'm still changing parts to my liking. Who doesn't, right? I've always been impressed by how the Japanese build their track frames for their Keirin racers. They have superb craftsmanship and each frame produced is made with pride and honor. My 70/80's NJS Shimazaki, a.k.a "Clay" (wife's nickname) is handmade by a master frame builder using very high-quality steel with beautiful lugs and a paint job that just pops! It's classic and timeless.. It's a piece of art on racing wheels. 

This NJS Shimazaki is track specific so it’s very tight and quick in handling. Toe overlap is pretty common with all track frames so it's not really ideal for roads and it's brutal on long rides but I learn to live with the limits of my frame's geometry. If an old track bike is what you want, do your research, go for it, and enjoy the challenge." - Don Disko


-  Shimazaki 50.5 frame/fork
- NJS Nitto Jaguar Steel stem (90mm) for drop
- NJS Nitto Jaguar Steel stem (80mm) for riser
- NJS Hatta Swan Deluxe headset (1 inch)
- NJS Nitto B-125 drop bar (38mm)
- NJS NItto B-201 riser bar
- NJS Suntour Superbe seatpost (27.2)
- San Marco Supercorsa Concor saddle
- NJS Shimano 7600 Dura-Ace hubset (36h)
- Araya Super Aero SA-30 clincher rim front (36h)
- Araya RC-540 clincher rims rear (36h)
- Philwood double butted spokes
- NJS Shimano 7600 Dura-Ace crankset (165)
- NJS Shimano 7600 Dura-Ace chainring (48t)
- NJS Shimano 7600 Dura-Ace bottom bracket
- NJS MKS RX-1 pedals
- NJS MKS Steel toe clips
- NJS Toshi toe straps
- EAI Gold Medal PRO cog (17t)
- NJS Izumi chain
- Fizik handlebar tape (drop bar)
- Strong V grips (riser bar)
- Continental Gatorskin/Supersport tyres (f/r)
- Handmade frame protector (leather belt)


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