Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bugarin Weekend

"Buwis buhay sa bangin" pose. Left to right: Kiko (48x14t), Wham (48x15t), Erik (47x15t), Aaron (49x15t). "Saudi pose" left to right: Frederick (47x15t), Renzo (53x16t), Kalki (48x14t). All images by Wham.

Was awesome riding with these guys up those killer hills (for fixed gears at least) under the scorching sun and the wildly pretty scenery. Was kinda hard and sticky but it was hella fun. And the ice cold buko towards the end just killed it for me!

Mr. Pink's last ride with Ultraman Kalki.

Suave hill bombing reward.

Ice cold fresh buko, the ultimate reward.

Head over the WeFXD blog to check more images.

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