Thursday, September 5, 2013

ULTRAMAN 4 Winners

Congratulations to Sok, tonight's uphill fixed gear race winner and still reigning UltraMan! It was a fun, exciting and hair splitting night, big thanks to all the riders who never give up and who continually push themselves beyond their limits.

Congratulations to the finalists! Sok, Mark, Toleiyts, Kalki and Lance.

Video and more pics after the break.

Video by Leo DiƱo, black and white photos by Mickie Carbonel, colored photo by Rollie Valenzuela.

Crowding up.

Rider of the night, Toleiyts.



Sok (left) in a last ditch effort to depend his title from Mark.

Erik (right) with Mark, who almost took the 4th UltraMan title from Sok.


Final five before the last run.

Watch out and get your legs ready for UtraMan 5!


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