Friday, September 13, 2013

Pinarello Diesel

I think this is the only Pinarello Diesel fixed that I know of here in Manila. How lucky of Albert to get a hold of this rare beast!

Check out more pics and the story behind this bike after the break.

"I was browsing through the net last year looking for a single speed 29er when I chanced upon this bike matching my current budget. I quickly called the seller and made the deal! I didn’t know much about fixed gears that time but the unique frame and the fact that it’s the only Pinarello Diesel in the Philippines appealed to me. The bike was on a single speed set up when I got it and rode it as is for a few months till I met some fixed gear riders. The first time that I rode it fixed was during the MFG/WeFXD Drag Sprints. After a few hundred kilometers on this bike and a lot of upgrades, we joined the 1st Muralla Lagarista Team Race last August and unexpectedly won."

There are a lot of nice frames coming out right now and I’m quite tempted to get a new one, but I think I’m keeping this frame. Like what I always say; it may look like a crashed frame to some but it’s my first fixed gear bike and I’m sticking with it. It may get upgraded but it will never be replaced. I’m gonna ride it till it fucking breaks!

Pinarello Diesel
Fork / Headset:
Pinarello Diesel / Integrated Headset
Crankset / Bottom Bracket: FSA Vero / Tange
Pedals: Shimano PD-M520
Drivetrain / Cog / Chainring / Chain: 49t X 15t / Steel 15t / Stronglight 49t / Izumi 
Handlebars / Stem: Soma Velodrama 40cm / Thomson X4 / Look bartape
Saddle / Seatpost: San Marco Ponza / Thomson 27.2
Front Wheel / Hub / Tire: Miche Pistard / Miche / Maxxis Fuse 700c X 23c
Rear Wheel / Hub / Tire: Miche Pistard / Miche / Maxxis Fuse 700c X 23c


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  1. sir are you already selling this bike?cause i'ved found this bike at olx and i'm planning to buy it, but i just wanna make sure if you really are the one who is selling this?